HRNSW Two-Year-Old Racing Policy updated for 2023

7 December 2022

Following industry consultation Harness Racing New South Wales has finalised the 2023 Two-Year-Old Racing Policy.

National Ratings and race programs were the main focus of the outcomes with the HRNSW Board passing the following changes:
  • From January 1 2023, two-year-old horses will begin on NR50, but will be given a 16 point concession, effectively allowing two-year-old horses to nominate as a NR34;
  • This concession become eight points as a three-year-old;
  • As a horse transitions from two to a three-year-old, if they have a rating of NR51+, any points above NR51 will be halved and rounded up to the nearest point;
  • If a horse has a NR50 or below, this rating will not change.

  • The two-year-old season will begin on 1 February of each season, although for the 2023 transition year Menangle will have the first two-year-old race programmed on 31 January 2023;
  • Two-year-old guarantee races will run from 1 February to 31 July of each season;
  • Two-year-old horses with 0-1 wins must nominate for a two-year-old race to gain a start, and may only nominate against older horses if there is a two-year-old race on that meeting. The 2YO horses may only run against the older horses if the two-year-old race does not receive sufficient nominations;
  • Two-year-old horses will receive the full two-year-old bonus for racing against older horses, as long as they have nominated for the two-year-old race;
  • Two-year-old horses with 2+ wins can nominate against older horses;
  • A two-year-old horse cannot nominate in any race of 1901m or more until 1 August of each season.

  • Yearlings (rising two-year-old) will be able to run in Green Trials from 1 November.
To view the Two-Year-Old Racing Policy click here.
To view the 2023 Two-Year-Old Racing Calendar click here.
For further information contact HRNSW Industry Development Manager Brett Scelly at or (02) 97226600.